Open to all donors at the $1,000 and higher levels, The Raider Club celebrates the generosity and monetary support of Archbishop Rummel High School.  Through social, educational, and networking events, The Raider Club aims to connect the Rummel family across generations while building a strong foundation of philanthropy and engagement.  

Full list of events announced yearly and by invitation. 



Donations made from January 1 through December 31, 2020


Dr. Eugenio Aspuru M.D. '90

Mr. David Avrard '68

Mr. Kevin Bennett '72

Dr. Robert Benson M.D. '69

Mr. Robert Bergeron Sr. '80

Mr. Anthony Bertucci '97

Mr. Ronald Bertucci '92

Lois Margaret Skinner Living Trust

Mr. Charles Bond III '79

Mr. Tony Bonura '82

Mr. Ray Boudreau Jr. '73

Mr. Terry Boudreaux '81

Dr. Daniel J. Bourgeois, III '02 

Mr. Norman Bourgeois '72

Mr. Richard Boyce '92

Ms. Jessica Brandt

Mr. Brad Brechtel '97

Mr. Jack Brown '87

Mr. C. J. Bruno '66

Dr. Scott Buhler

Mr. Thomas Canale '97

Mr. Cethan Carter Jr. '13

Ms. Katie Clement

Mr. Leonard Cline

Mr. Edward Corcoran Jr. '79

Mr. Rufus Cressend '66

Mr. Jeffry Cummings '72

Dr. Fredrick Dantagnan  IV '87

Mr. Joseph DiGiovanni '91

Mr. Bill Ello

Dr.  Chris Fabacher '72

Mr. Paul Fine '80

Mr. & Mrs. Flannery

Mr. Thomas Flick '75

Mr. Henry Frey '92

Mr. Craig Galatas '83

Mr. Joseph Georgusis

Mr. Ryan Gernard '97

Mr. Dominick Giambrone '74

Monsignor Frank Giroir '73

Mr. Craig Goodwin '78

Mr. Clyde Gravois '67

Mr. Kirk Groetsch '88

Mr. Douglas A. Guthans '98

Fr. Andrew Gutierrez '11

Mr. Gary P.  Hardin Sr. '66

Mr. Spencer Harris Jr. '67

Mr. Justin Hartenstein

Mr. Charles Harvey '90

Mr. Robert Harvey Jr. '78

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Hebbler

Mr. Brian Hebert '83

Mr. Christopher Hebert '97

Mr. Michael Hebert '78

Mr. Jerome Helmstetter '03

Mr. Charles Hingle '68

Dr. Bruce Hurley Jr. '99

Mr. Dominick Impastato III '97

Mr. Matthew Keller '15

Mr. Shane Kerwin '01

Dr. Ryan Kline '03

Mr. John Kuchler '74

Mr. Michael Latino Jr. '87

Mr. James Lee '79

Mr. Michael Mahoney

Mr. Brian Maurice '08

Mr. Sidney McCann '97

Mr. Patrick D. McKenna, Jr. '01

Mr. David Melancon '86

Dr. Archibald Melcher Jr. '09

Mr. Korry Melton '95

Mr. Dustin Millet '94

Mr. Craig Mirambell '98

Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Muth '74

Mr. Andry O'Brien

Mr. Ryan O'Hara '99

Mrs. Mandy O'Leary

Dr. Warren Palmisano III '95

Mr. Wesley Palmisano '99

Mr. Dino Paternostro

Mr. James Pittman Jr. '78

Mr. Jerry Radosta Jr. '69

Dr. Kristopher Rappold '02

Mr. Jim Ravannack

Mr. Frank Renaudin '99

Mr. Jason Renton '88

Dr. Scott Reynolds '95

Mr. Kevin Robert '74

Mr. David Roddy Jr. '90

Mrs. Patricia Rodrigue

Mr. Michael Rogers '68

Mr. Ryan Rogers '07

Mr. Robert Rooney '81

Mr. Steve Roques '89

Mr. Easten Roth III '81

Dr. Randy Roth M.D. '84

Mr. Christopher B. Roussel '79

Mr. Michael J. Russo, Jr.

Mr. Herbert R. Santos '95

Mr. Paul Scaffidi '92

Ms. Chandra Scarber

Mr. Gerard Schmitz '96

Mr. Larry Schneider '89

Mr. Keith Schneider '97

Mr. Frank Seeling  IV '98

Mr. Richard "Jason" Seither '95

Mr. Lonnie James Smith, Jr. '87

Mr. Roger Smith '66

Mr. Anthony Staines '72

Mr. Gordon Stevens '67

Mr. Jonathan Stoltz '01

Mr. Anthony Strada '90

Mr. Kirby Stumpf '89

Mr. William Surcouf '69

Dr. Jeffrey Surcouf '96

Dr. Bhavin Suthar '86

Mr. & Mrs. Swonger

Mr. John Theriot '79

Mr. Kevin Theriot '72

Mr. Gerald Thompson III '85

Mr. Doug Tillman '92

Mr. Richard Tomeny Jr. '69

Mr. John Trainor Jr. '81

Mr. Matthew Treuting '99

Mr. Drew Treuting '03

Mr. Chad Tusa '96

Mr. William Vanderbrook '79

Mr. Jeremy Vuljoin '96

Mr. David Weber '73

Mr. & Mrs. Wickersham

Mr. Richard Wolf '77

Mr. M J Wolfe, Jr. '67

Mr. Douglas Womac Jr. '97

Mr. Edward Womac Jr. '76

Mr. Robert Zacary '76

The Whitman Family Foundation

Raider Club Card.png



The Raider Club Card is an exclusive gift of being a top level donor.  Each year, donors over $1,000 will receive a card that can be used for benefits such as:

  • Free Admission to all Varsity District Games

  • Free Admission to All Games held on the Rummel Campus

  • 15% Off in the Raider Pride Store

  • 25% Off Genesian Players Productions


Upcoming Raider Club Events


Alexander Room & Terrace

Click to RSVP


March 4, 2021

6:30 - 9:30PM





Joining The Raider Club is quick and easy!  Any donor with total year end giving equaling or greater than $1,000 is a member of The Raider Club.   To join and donate to Archbishop Rummel High School, please click below:

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