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Open to all donors at the $1,000 and higher levels, The Raider Club celebrates the generosity and monetary support of Archbishop Rummel High School.  Through social, educational, and networking events, The Raider Club aims to connect the Rummel family across generations while building a strong foundation of philanthropy and engagement.  

Full list of events announced yearly and by invitation. 

Raider Club Invite 2024.png


Andre & Harry Spring
Andrew O’Dwyer
Angela Johnson
Anthony Impastato
Archie Melcher
Bernie Dupuy
Blake Matherne
Brad Reese
Brandt Blocker
Brett Uzee
C. J. Bruno
Chad Tusa
Chandra Chifici
Charles Harvey
Chris Finney
Christopher Cali
Clyde Gravois
Colin Hulin
Connie Boudreaux 
Corey Murpy
Courtney & Ronald Schmitt
Craig Goodwin
Dante J. Cortello
Darin Daussat
Darren Huete
David Melancon
David Roddy
David Wyatt
Delano Sepulveda
Dominick Impastato
Doug Tillman
Douglas Guthans
Douglas Womac, Jr
Ed Daniels
Ed Womac
Eddie Corcoran
Erin and Brett Wright
Evelio Hernandez
Fr. Andrew Gutierrez
Frank Moore
Garrett Culver
Gerald Theriot
Gerald Thompson
Greg Whitman
Harold LeBlanc
Henry Frey
Jack Brown
Jacob Matherne
James Pittman
James Ravannack
James Vega
Jason Renton
Jeff Gregson
Jeff Wickersham
Jeffry Cummings
Jeremy Goebel
Jessica Aldrete
Jessica Brandt
Joe DiGiovanni
Joey Nieto
John Freeman
John Kuchler

John Theriot
Jonathan Stoltz
Joshua Couget
Justin Rosen
Keith Guidry
Ken Ragusa
Ken Trahan
Kenneth Livaudais
Kenneth Raymond
Kevin Harvey
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin Scallan
Kirby Stumpf
Kirk Groetsch
Korry Melton
Larry Smith
Lauren & Ike Manuel
Lee Baker
Lonnie Smith
Mark Delaune
Marvin Gresse
Mary Ann Robarts
Matthew Treuting
Melanie & RJ Vigelis
Michael Glaser Sr.
Michael McSpadden
Michael Monistere
Michelle Milano
Mike Latino
Mike Nicoll
Msgr. Frank Giroir
Nick Impastato
Patrick Ritchie
Perry Daigrepont
Peyton Theriot
Phillip Caruso
Preston Ritchie
Randy Robichaux
Ray Chatagnier
Richard Boyce
Rj Boudreau
Robert Rooney
Rufus Cressand
Ryan Gernard
Ryan Hebbler
Ryan Kline
Sanguria Singleton
Scott Burgess
Scott Henderson
Scott Reynolds
Sidney McCann
Stephanie Young
Stephen Gordon
Stephen Klein
Steven Campbell
Tammy Toca
Terry Boudreaux
Terry Reuther
Thomas Klotz
Warren Palmisano
Wes Palmisano
William Vanderbrook

Raider Club Card
Raider Club Card.png



The Raider Club Card is an exclusive gift of being a top level donor.  Each year, donors over $1,000 will receive a card that can be used for benefits such as:

  • Free Admission to all Varsity District Games

  • Free Admission to All Games held on the Rummel Campus

  • 20% Off in the Raider Pride Store

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